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Welcome to the Prototype
The idea for this service came from observing "personality and trivia quizzes" posted on social media sites. These quizzes ask multiple choice questions in order to provide a summation about the quiz-taker using algorithms from the data gathered. But what if it was possible to use these data collections and algorithms to create something that would be helpful to the user in real world applications, not just a score or personality estimation. What if the data collected was used to create a user profile search engine? A data profile that the user has complete ownership.

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How does it work?
Excursion Match is a combination of search engine and dating service where the date is between you and the places you'd like to go. I thought about the parallels with this kind of service and the work that a concierge provides to travelers. A concierge is someone with extensive knowledge about local places and services. What if that concierge knew all your preferences no matter where you were in the world? And what if that concierge was also someone who could recommend places in the world that you would want to visit, but wasn't aware was there? Most importantly, we are committed to promoting sustainable excursions for future generations to enjoy as well.

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What will the final product be? is a work in progress. Ideally, the site will work across multiple internet connected portals. Where you can securely sign-in to your profile anywhere and steer you to the best excursions near you. As the work on site is ongoing, I would appreciate feedback from you. Take a look around the site and please send me an email on things you like about the site, things that are confusing, things that need improving and things that you would like to see added.
Thank you!

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